Electricity comes from the Socket and IT comes from the Cloud

“Serverless" and "Platform as a Service" (PaaS) are buzzwords being currently on everyone’s lips.

But they also cause headache: How doing an internet without servers? Who is responsible for the IT
infrastructure? Can we dare to go this way or are we at mercy of Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Co.
with neck and crop? Rainer Stropek tries to give answers to these questions. He shows with live
demos the state of the art in Serverless Computing with Microsoft Azure and how these products
and concepts are used in modern application architectures. Rainer will also show us the reality
behind the curtain und tell how the processes and tools at Microsoft look like. So maybe at the end
we, as a developer team, need not care of servers anymore?
Rainer Stropek, a teacher at the HTL Perg is Azure MVP and Microsoft Regional Director.
He is founder and CEO of the Software Architects GmbH, Leonding which is specialized in Cloud


Vortrag Rainer Stropek

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